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Home of the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

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2925 Gorman Dr, Irving, TX 75062

Home of the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

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SB Hall

SB Hall

Dr. Stanger was a good resource on timely and relevant issues, and that was great. I recommend having a moderated Q&A session...someone calling on people. Also, the mic handler should never leave the mic with the person asking the question...let them ask a question and take the mic. I have learned this from experience. All in all these are great sessions...thank you!

Hands-down the best presentation I have heard this year!

I really enjoyed this speaker and it was definitely time well spent. Thank you Dr. Stanger for coming here to speak with us.

Ellis Cybersecurity Lecture on 10/28/19 was GREAT! The speakers were excellent. I really enjoyed learning from the Leaders on Cybersecurity from UD and the interactive audience participation was outstanding!

Jasmine was perfect for the panel. In the future, I'd like to see more self-employed entrepreneurs talk about how difficult it was for them to walk in the trenches after graduation before achieving success. Graduation, doesn't guarantee success. I know this for a fact. The Company where I worked (where I believed I was getting a promotion) during the Capstone program, terminated my employment and 14,000 employees two months prior to graduation. I found myself without a job, in the home stretch for graduation in December 2002, and a mortgage hanging over my head. I became a Realtor as a temporary fix until the real job came along. I6+ years later, I never did another Corporate job and I'm still a self-employed business owner in Real Estate. Thanks to UD, I learned to persevere with determination and to hold my head high through tough times while still facing student loans. Otherwise, the panel discussion was great but students need to know, what they are learning now is education for life and not always for their chosen degree program.