Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Dr. Hazel Sive - "Participating in Life"

The notion of the ‘meaning of life’ has always seemed anthropocentric to Dr. Sive, since the living world encompasses a multitude of living organisms, each with their own relevant lives. Dr. Sive proposes an embracing philosophy, transcending the human species, that acknowledges we are each given an ‘opportunity to participate in life’. We can try to make the best of that opportunity, but simply by living, we are participating. As we live, our story builds itself, billowing out around us, connecting with other stories. Participating does not require that we pressure ourselves to be high achievers, nor to be best at something. Indeed, Dr. Sive will discuss the ‘myth of the best’; how small steps get you through hard times; the ‘ten-year rule’; and ‘scaling your life’ to fit.

Thursday, February 6 at 12:00pm to 1:30pm

SB Hall, Serafy Special Events Room
2925 Gorman Dr, Irving, TX 75062

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