Saturday, September 7

Audit a Fall 2019 course if seats are available.

Must be enrolled by the Registrar's Office.

Student Health Insurance Waiver Deadline

All full-time domestic undergraduate students are automatically billed for the annual UD Student Health Insurance program. However, the coverage may be...


Topics to be covered in this workshop: Solfege & the Basics of Chant NotationProper & Ordinary Chants - The Musical Structure of the MassResources for...

CAMEO Emerging Artist Show 2019

CAMEO EMERGING ARTIST SHOW 2019 features prominent ceramics instructors from colleges, universities, and art schools across Texas alongside their most...

UD Fencing Club

Hail, and welcome to the University of Dallas Fencing Club! Together, we train our minds and bodies by practising various melee arts.

Saturday, September 7