Wednesday, October 30

UD Wordmark

UD's own faculty will have their publications on display in the fishbowl! Open from Wednesday through Friday.

Early Voting for Dallas County

The Dallas County Elections Department will have an Early Voting station on the UD campus on Monday, 21 October through Friday, 1 November 2019. It will be...

Outdoor Seal and Logo

Escape the Study Room! Use your wits to solve a series of clues and escape our Harry Potter themed* study room before time runs out. Many will try but few...

Valor Public Schools Recruitment Table

The Valor Public Schools will be coming to share their mission and values with us! Stop by and see what they have to offer!

Jerusalem, City of Three Faiths: from King David to the Present

Jacob Lassner explores the deep historical background of the current dispute concerning Jerusalem, a city long considered holy for Jews, Christians, and...

Swing Club

UD Swing is a long-standing club at the University of Dallas that is meant to teach and enjoy swing dancing in its various forms. It's often considered the...

Wednesday, October 30