Event Calendar for SB Hall

January 22 - February 21, 2020

Friday, January 24

2020 Gupta Business Hall of Fame

RSVP today! Celebrating the achievements of the college's most prestigious influencers and beloved colleagues. Established in 2015, the hall of fame was...

Monday, January 27

Competing Views on Providing Access to Healthcare for Americans.

On Monday, January 27th at 5:00pm, the American Public Philosophy Institute will welcome two speakers for a discussion on the future of healthcare in the...

Tuesday, January 28

Aquinas 2020: On Contemplation: Aquinas Reads Richard of St. Victor

Professor Kevin Hart is the Edwin B Kyle Professor of Christian Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. His...

Saturday, February 1

Third Annual APPI Groundhog Seminar: Cicero's Greatest Political Challenge

Join the APPI on Groundhog weekend for the third annual Groundhog Seminar. This year's seminar will be led by Dr. Gerard Wegemer. The topic: "Cicero's...

Friday, February 7

Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Dr. Hazel Sive - "Participating in Life"

The notion of the ‘meaning of life’ has always seemed anthropocentric to Dr. Sive, since the living world encompasses a multitude of living organisms, each...

Wednesday, February 12

UD Wordmark

The Seminar on Law & Ethics is a three-part program designed to educate attorneys on the application of legal ethics and legal professional responsibility...