Annual Campus Utility Shut Down

University of Dallas

1845 E. Northgate
Irving, TX 75062

Phone: 972-721-5000
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The campus utility shut down will occur August 11th & 12th, starting at 5am on the 11th and continuing untill 10pm on the 12th. This is an annual event. Electrical power, water and utilities will be switched off in order to perform maintenance. 

Please shut down and unplug all electronic equipment from the wall outlets when you leave for the weekend on Friday, August 10th. Please empty and unplug department break room refrigerators. Critical experiments that require electricity or water during thoses dates and times should be reported to Tony Hardy (972-721-5297) so that arangments can be made to accomodate the experiment.

Student Apartments, and GSM Administration Building should not be affected by the power shut down.

Questions or comments should be made to :

Tony Hardy

972-721-5297 or


Sat., August 11, 2012


Tony Hardy