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January 28 - February 26, 2020

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Last day courses may be added for Spring 2020.

Note: Signature of course instructor required in addition to department chair beginning 1/29. Last day Spring 2020 courses can be dropped without record. ...


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Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, Hazel Sive, "The Right Size Head"

The face is an identifying feature of an individual, and is carefully crafted in the embryo, so that its elements, including the mouth and jaws are...

Friday, February 7

Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Dr. Hazel Sive - "Participating in Life"

The notion of the ‘meaning of life’ has always seemed anthropocentric to Dr. Sive, since the living world encompasses a multitude of living organisms, each...

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Tom Maddrey, PLLC

It is daunting being an artist and getting ready to step out into the world. Business to marketing, contracts to copyright, there is a giant learning curve...

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Jessica Hooten Wilson

A lecture by Jessica Hooten Wilson, professor at John Brown University, author of Giving the Devil His Due: Demonic Authority in the Fiction of Flannery...

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January 28 - February 26, 2020