Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery

The Haggerty Art Gallery is located at the University of Dallas in the Haggerty Art Village Art History Building, at the corner of Gorman Drive and Haggar Circle.

2910 Haggerty Lane, Irving, TX 75062

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 Studio Portrait of Bartscht sculpting the busto of wife Waltraud Bartscht, c 1964, courtesy of the University of Dallas Archives

Heri Bert Bartscht: 100 Years is large retrospective exhibition of sculpture by Dallas Sculptor Heri Bert Bartscht (b.1919, Breslau Germany, d. 1996, Dallas,...

1/31 6pm
Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, Hazel Sive, "The Right Size Head"

The face is an identifying feature of an individual, and is carefully crafted in the embryo, so that its elements, including the mouth and jaws are...

2/6 7pm
Galen Cheney, Visitation, 2019, oil and acrylic on collaged canvas, 59 x 80" (photo credit: Howard Romero). Andrea Myers (detail) Zickzackemachine, 2019, sewn fabric collage, 15 x 20'

In March, the gallery welcomes artists Galen Cheney and Andrea Myers for the two-woman exhibition Pieced and Painted. Both artists make multi-layered...

3/9 5:30pm

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Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery

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